About Us

Welcome to Nzuri Accessories & Co! Nzuri translates to 'beautiful or fine' in English.

Our company founder, Makala Edwards, started Nzuri during the COVID-19 pandemic; at a time when she struggled with depression and anxiety. As a result she dealt with severe feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. She was fed up with the way she felt and desperately wanted to find a more holistic approach to coping with her mental illness.

She found peace in learning about crystal healing and began to use jewelry making as a form of art therapy. Creating waistbeads and bracelets for herself sparked a new found confidence.

She knew that their were many other people in the world who were suffering with this same issue, so she decided she would use her jewlery to inspire others to find the beauty in life's journey one bead at a time!

  • Make it your own! We offer custom pieces for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Just Because. DM us on Instagram to get started.